Design & Consultancy

Our in-house solutions for vehicle chassis, shape, energy and motion enable us to design and build vehicles to suit our client’s needs. We also offer expertise in custom design of fibre-optic and electrical penetrations, pressure tolerant electronic systems and lightweight pressure vessels.

High Pressure Testing

RADS high pressure test chambers are available to test materials, equipment, electrical and electronic systems for deep sea and other pressure applications. Hydrostatically tested items can also be strain gauged and logged against pressure and time. 

Hydroclave Facilities

Hydroclaves 1 and 2 are 14MPa water filled vessels (490mm ID x 1,610mm deep). They are horizontally mounted and can be heated to 80°C. Penetrations can be arranged to test shallow water systems or apparatus requiring qualification at higher temperatures.

Materials Testing

Using a 980 kN test frame specimens can be strain gauged and stressed to provide otherwise elusive, non-linear input data (required for finite element analysis). Friction co-efficient testing under actual stress and at controlled temperatures down to -5°C can also be conducted.