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Ron & Yvette Allum

The company is built upon the knowhow and experience of Ron and Yvette Allum. Ron’s ability to adapt, design and build specialist underwater equipment has placed him at the forefront of developments in exploration, technology and science globally. Yvette has taken the company from a start-up to a respected player in defence and science.


Deepsea Challenger.

Ron commenced work on Deepsea Challenger in 2005, researching and overseeing the building of the pressure sphere that forms its core. He then went on to develop a unique formula for syntactic foam, Isofloat®, which provided Deepsea Challenger’s chassis and flotation.

Ron's pressure-balanced, fluid filled electronic systems and other innovative ideas kept the submersible's weight to a minimum while maximizing its ability to do science and imaging work in the world's deepest spots. 

Our sister company, Ron Allum Deepsea Systems, has the exclusive Australian license and non-exclusive worldwide license to manufacture Isofloat®.



In July 2017, Ron Allum Deepsea Services was awarded a 3.17 million dollar Defence contract to explore the feasibility of a novel, high-performance autonomous glider for long-endurance, undersea surveillance. This follows on from a previous collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Group to build a prototype glider, Sun Ray.